Meet the Team

Sponsor Organizations

Code for Atlanta
Code for Atlanta is a non-profit civic hacking group under the umbrella of Code for America. This organization has recruited volunteers for this project to do manual data entry/transcription and build new solutions via their small cadre of programmers and technologists.


Center for Civic Innovation (CCI)
CCI is an Atlanta non-profit that works to “elevate more effective solutions that improve equality and build trust in the public sector”. Their relationship with city hall and individual council members provides a route to present reports and solutions to the council for consideration. is a social asking platform that brings the power of natural language processing to everyday businesses, communities, and organizations. The analytics engine and report generator of have been modified to fit the transcriptions of this project. Qutee provided intent tagging methodology, topic extraction, sentiment analysis, and representative comment identification.

The Team

Flint Barrow
Project Manager

Flint is the Creator and CTO of He is an avid web developer, data scientist, and foodie.


Elysa Smigielski



Kyle Kessler
Community Liaison and Policy Specialist



David Rospond
Software Developer






Abi Barrow