Together, we can make sure every voice counts.

Constituents call in to leave their comments. 

AI transcribes the recordings to text.

Volunteers Tag and Correct Entries Extracts Topics & Sentiments

Reports are Generated to Share Insights

Help Transcribe & Tag Public Comment

Whether you have five minutes or five hours, you can help us tag and correct the transcribed text.

Voicemails have been transcribed by Speech to Text.  Correct and tag voicemails with our easy to use tagging tool through this website.  Work on one entry at a time and complete them at your own pace.

Join Our Civic Hack Nights

Meet the team and help us develop this and other civic projects further.

Open Volunteer Positions

We are seeking volunteers to help us grow our organization and achieve our mission.

Donate & Support our Mission

Your contribution helps us keep our subscriptions running and fund server costs.

Join Us On Slack

Join Code for Atlanta's slack and join the #public-comment-transcribe channel.  Introduce yourself to your fellow scribes and make some new friends.