Summarizing City Council Public Comments &
Sharing Insight Reports

When Covid-19 related closures changed the means of collecting Atlanta City Council public comment, we created seamless comment collection and analysis. Using volunteer tagging (Human Intelligence) combined with cutting edge technology (Artificial Intelligence) we sift through the noise—turning data into insight.

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Leave A Comment

Atlanta Residents, Activists

Do you have something to say? Find the right place to leave your comment and make your voice heard!

Help Count Every Voice

Volunteers and Helping Hands

We need your help to tag and correct transcriptions.   It only takes a couple of minutes to chip in.  Use our tool to tag a few.

Download Reports

Council Members, Journalists

Get PDFs that summarize the data collected from meetings and phone lines.  What did people have to say?

Processing Voicemails into Reports:

Constituents call in to leave their comments. 

AI transcribes the recordings to text.

Volunteers Tag and Correct Entries Extracts Topics & Sentiments

Reports are Generated to Share Insights

Make your voice count, another call-in session is coming soon.

Call in to leave a voicemail for Atlanta City Council during their general meeting public comment timeslot. Check back here to find the phone number.

October 4th, 2020 @ 4PM-7PM


Voices are going left unheard–we're here to count them.

Why is what we're doing important?

Inclusion in policy and debate via public participation is crucial to a thriving democracy.


How does this help the community?

We promote policy that represents the peoples' voice by making sure that all opinions count.

You Need Our Reports

These reports are brimming with insights.  They're available for free, with the hopes we have a positive impact on democracy.

Save Time

Don't have time to listen to hours and hours of comments? Get the report to quickly understand what was said.

Explore Insights

Find trends and see what was talked about.  We organize everything to make it easy to find new insights.


These PDF reports work on the go. Send them to friends or share on social media.




Geographic Data

Each report breaks down the geographic data about who has responded.

Conversational Analysis

Spot key topics, specially clustered to be more useful than keyword based approaches.

Representative Comments

Comments that are most representative are featured to highlight common sentiments and trends.

Full Transcripts

Read through the comments at your own pace.