Volunteer Scribe Tagger

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Read through the text while listening to the recording and fix any errors that may have occurred during transcription. Fill in as much of the form as possible from information given by the caller.

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Notice: If you take over 30 minutes, this may be given to another person for completion and your changes will not be saveable.
  • Using the audio player above, correct any transcription errors you can find.
  • If they mention their name enter it here.
  • Please choose from these options the one that best represents what was said in the response.
  • If they mention a district number or member, please select it from the dropdown.
  • If they mention their location, enter that here.
  • If they mention a neighborhood as their home enter it here.
  • Atlanta is divided into police zones and some residents may refer to the area they live--enter that here.
  • "NPUs" may be mentioned too.
  • With or without specific location info above, check this box if they appear to be an Atlanta resident.
  • Did they mention other things? Tag this comment. Search for existing tags available and us the most popular ones that match.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.